Managed IT Service Plans

Outsource your day-to-day IT management responsibilities and improve your business operations while reducing your cost.

How much responsibility are you willing to outsource? At what cost? There are many IT companies that provide managed IT services, but none of them make it clear what exactly you are getting for your dollars. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best service, but also to provide you clearly defined service plans.

We were the first to introduce fixed flat-rate plans in the area 18 years ago, and we continue to improve and innovate our managed IT service plans. We are now proud to be the first company to offer a value plan which is effectively free.

Our current plans are:

Which plan is right for me?

Value Plan

Are you looking to introduce professional IT support to your business at a minimal cost?
You need our Value Plan. We monitor your IT infrastructure and alert you to any problem, allowing you to take care of the issues before they become critical. And the best part: We make this plan effectively FREE by providing you coupons with a nominal value equal to your plan cost. There is no better way to get introduced to our services!

Gold Plan

Are you concerned with the stability of your IT infrastructure and about the cost to maintain it?
You need our Gold Plan. We monitor your IT infrastructure and proactively identify and fix issues while they are small, before they become critical to your business. We include an Anti-Virus and Anti-malware solution for all your computers and we manage it remotely, reducing the biggest downtime risk of all businesses. Enjoy these and other benefits with our most popular plan!

White Glove Plan

Are you looking to introduce professional IT support to your business at a minimal cost?
You need our White Glove Plan. You get all that is included in the gold plan plus unlimited onsite support for any maintenance (break/fix) issue. In addition, we perform onsite monthly maintenance to make sure your computers and infrastructure are always functioning at their top capabilities. With email continuity and other services included – this is the best plan in the industry!

Rely On A CMU-Experienced CompanyCompuWiz Can Help!

We can handle your IT challenges. Our founder worked at CMU's internationally renowned Computer Sciences Department, and we have worked on various projects with CMU. We are supporting a wide portfolio of clients in various fields including medical, retail, administrative, finance, construction, art, and education. We are working with large medium and small firms, and are poised to handle all of your IT challenges.

Enjoy these Great Benefits (and more):

  • Predictable Budget for IT Spending
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better System Performance
  • Constant Updates
  • Expert Staff and Service
  • 24/7 Help Desk (option available)
  • Peace of mind, because you can't afford not to have it!
CompuWiz Can Help!

Compare Service Plans

Features Value Plan Gold Plan White Glove Plan
24/7 Remote Server Monitoring
24/7 Remote Workstation Monitoring
Backup System Monitoring
Anti-Virus Solution Monitoring
Anti-Malware Solution Monitoring
Anti-Virus Solution Management  
Anti-Malware Solution Management  
Remote Break-Fix of any monitored issue  
Deployment of Server Operating System patches and updates  
Deployment of WorkStation Operating System patches and updates  
Remote Phone Support  
Remote Break-Fix of any other issue  
On-site Break-fix of any maintenance issue   20% Discounted Unlimited
E-mail Continuity Service    
Anti-Spam E-mail Service    
Installation and configuration of shrink-wrapped software (e.g. QuickBooks, Quicken, PhotoShop)    
On-site monthly maintenance and WorkStation performance tune-up    
On-site monthly maintenance and server performance tune-up    
On-site network equipment maintenance & support    
On-site peripherals (printers, scanners, fax, multi-function, etc.) maintenance and support    

Consider Us Your Personal IT DepartmentCompuWiz Can Help!

Your business will achieve its highest level of productivity and efficiency without ever having to pay another "out-of-service" contract bill. You will be able to budget your annual expenses ahead of time and eliminate the high cost required of having your own IT department.

Call us today at 412-847-0650
and make us your own IT Department,
without the overhead!