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At CompuWiz, we believe that great employees provide a great client experience. Since 1996, CompuWiz has been providing great service all across Western Pennsylvania. We are growing and we are looking for strong candidates for our team.

We understand that in this competitive industry, it’s important to remain a cut above the rest, and that applies to employees as well. We have a culture that is rewarding, and enriching. We help our employees grow through training and continuous education. But we don't stop there: we provide competitive compensation with full benefits. From health and wellness benefits to retirement security, we provide a benefits package that can stand toe-to-toe with any other. And it’s not just what we offer that’s so impressive, it’s the quality of our programs that help our employees really see their benefits as part of their compensation package.

Administrative Assistant

We are looking for an administrative assistant to join CompuWiz, our IT company. We have been 23 years in business and are a leader in service excellence in the Pittsburgh area. This is a full-time position but we have flexibility in the hours. We offer full comprehensive benefits such as Health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, Life & LTD insurances, 401K retirement plan and many more.

How do you know if this job is for you? Simple:
You must be extremely organized. Organizational skills have to be in your blood; as a matter of fact you should enjoy doing it.
Then, you need to like talking on the phone with clients; bubbly personality and energetic comes to mind: you will be our ambassador. Our clients need to feel they are always getting the best service!
Finally you need to have  excellent computer skills. This includes: Microsoft Office, Social Media, Web research, but we will not ask you do excel formulas. The job requires data entry as we like to document everything we do.

As long as you have the right personality and you feel the description above matches you, then this job does not require many years of experience.  
Feel that we just described you?